Top 10 United States Exports

TOP 10 US EXPORTSThe following represent the highest dollar value in American export products and global shipments in 2014. The percentage share of each export category is represented in terms of US overall exports.

  1. Machines, engines, pumps: US$219,566,232,000 (13.5% of total exports)
  2. Electronic equipment: $171,966,197,000 (10.6%)
  3. Oil: $157,213,437,000 (9.7%)
  4. Vehicles: $135,797,903,000 (8.4%)
  5. Aircraft, spacecraft: $124,831,567,000 (7.7%)
  6. Medical, technical equipment: $84,879,104,000 (5.2%)
  7. Gems, precious metals, coins: $65,522,480,000 (4.0%)
  8. Plastics: $63,025,216,000 (3.9%)
  9. Pharmaceuticals: $43,967,977,000 (2.7%)
  10. Organic chemicals: $42,255,264,000 (2.6%)

Many of the industries that support these exports, such as manufacturing aircraft and medical equipment, involve highly advanced processes. America’s unemployment rate improved to an estimated 5.8% as of October 2014 compared to 7.3% in July 2013 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. One reason for that improvement is that scientists, skilled tradespersons and international trade professionals supporting the above exports are in demand.

Fastest-Growing American Export Products

Below, in descending order, are the fastest-growing US export products. Shown within parentheses is the percentage increase in a product category’s exports from 2010 to 2014.

  1. Furskins and artificial fur: Up by 101.7% since 2010 ($583,140,000)
  2. Oil: Up by 94.2% ($157,213,437,000)
  3. Dairy, eggs, honey: Up by 91.4% ($6,175,153,000)
  4. Other manufactured products: Up by 81.7% ($2,338,880,000)
  5. Other animal-origin products: Up by 66.7% ($1,235,511,000)
  6. Railway, tram equipment: Up by 62.5% ($4,041,418,000)
  7. Alcoholic beverages: Up by 61.6% ($7,624,327,000)
  8. Zinc: Up by 59.3% ($459,842,000)
  9. Aircraft, spacecraft: Up by 57.5% ($124,831,567,000)
  10. Collector items, art, antiques: Up by 56.9% ($10,194,814,000)

The fastest-growing categories feature America’s versatility in producing the best product exports, with products ranging from luxury fur and artwork to alcoholic beverages and advanced spacecraft. It  remains a challenge for US exporters to keep up their competitive edge if they want to continue growing their global market share in these product markets. With the recent reduction in the global price of oil, many experts doubt that America can continue to increase the value of its oil exports. Outside of oil, the fastest-growing American product category in terms of total dollar value is aircraft and spacecraft at $124.8 billion. An ongoingchallenge for US aerospace engineering is whether excellence can continue to outpace it global competitors in developing the best technological innovations.

Highest Value American Export Products

The top 20 highest value US export products shipped in 2013.

  1. Civilian aircraft: US$105,547,180,000
  2. Light fuel oils: $37,539,553,000
  3. Non-monetary gold: $22,892,728,000
  4. Soybeans: $21,119,521,000
  5. Processors and controllers: $16,910,895,000
  6. Unleaded gasoline: $16,533,620,000
  7. Non-industrial diamonds: $15,424,477,000
  8. Computer parts and accessories: $15,295,461,000
  9. Voice, image and data transmission apparatus: $15,133,947,000
  10. Mid-sized passenger vehicles: $13,402,585,000
  11. Other small vehicles: $12,466,177,000
  12. Heavy fuel oils: $11,681,161,000
  13. Automotive parts and accessories: $9,596,547,000
  14. Jewellery other than silver: $9,204,975,000
  15. Wheat other than durum: $9,190,981,000
  16. Other electronic integrated circuits: $8,886,362,000
  17. Partially refined gold bars: $8,587,702,000
  18. Vehicle body parts and accessories: $8,343,324,000
  19. Mid-sized transport vehicles: $8,217,340,000
  20. Light fuel oils containing a higher concentration of sulfur: $7,747,694,000

America is the world leader in civilian aircraft production including engines, equipment and parts. This represents America’s greatest export. Exporting of aircraft-related shipments passed the total combined value of the second, third, fourth and fifth-place exports listed above.