What is Export University?


NATIONAL DECExport University is a trade education innovation of the District Export Council (DEC). Introduced in early 2006 by the Florida DEC, this initiative has achieved a high level of success and has attracted much interest. Export University is a series of courses on exporting, with the objective of helping U.S. companies begin an export initiative and gain new skills and innovation in expanding their international sales. This series of courses is differentiated from other export training courses by its structure, content, and branding. It is designed to offer high-quality, consistent trade education to a DEC’s local community.

Courses are designed in three series to provide new or experienced exporters with the tools they need to effectively organize their export operations:

The 100-level Introductory Course (“Introduction to Exporting”) is designed for new-to-export companies seeking skills to communicate with buyers, banks, logistics intermediaries, and others in learning the fundamentals of an export transaction. This course can also be taken by exporters who feel they need assistance in any of the areas covered by the course. The course covers topics such as: Why Export?, Export Regulations, Logistics, Trade Finance and Getting Paid, and Growing Your International Business. For more information, see the section under “Export University Courses” devoted to Export University 101 “Introduction to Exporting”.

The 200-level Intermediate Series is designed for managers at exporting companies who are responsible for developing and fine-tuning operations to increase the firm’s export volume. Courses in this series vary. Examples of courses that are applicable to this series are courses focusing on target markets, the benefits of free trade agreements, U.S. and international agencies supporting trade and how they work, market research, etc.

The 300-level Advanced Series is designed for executives responsible for developing and adjusting the strategic direction of the exporting firm. Again, courses in this series vary by topic. Examples of courses that are applicable to this series are courses on U.S. export regulations, courses on e-commerce and internet marketing to reach target buyers, courses on tax strategies for U.S. exporters, and courses giving specific upcoming procurement opportunities focused by industry.

ExportUniversity.com will allow DEC and CS office to promote & take registrations for all of your local Export University events. You can also access all Export University support materials, such as presentations, logo, agenda templates, speaker evaluation templates, and past course topics.

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