The Mission of CIEDEC

Inland Empire Exporting
The California Inland Empire District Export Council is a non-profit organization with members appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to provide sources of professional advice to the Inland Empire region business community seeking to expand internationally.

The CIEDEC is your partner in the Inland Empire for international business development.

We organize training, seminars, and roundtables on international business issues. We can answer questions about exporting. And we can put you in touch with resources to help you sell internationally.

In conjunction with the U.S. Export Assistance Centers operated by the Department of Commerce, as well as other resources such as the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the California Centers for International Trade Development, the DEC can help Inland Empire companies:
• Selling, marketing and promoting your products or services to the world
• Moving your products from point A to point B – Logistics Counseling
• Transaction setup
• Financing overseas shipments
• Risk assessment and mitigation for shipments
• Insuring overseas shipments and payments
• Product adaptation to overseas markets
• Foreign Diplomacy Services with the U.S. Commercial Service
• Tapping into university resources for product R&D and market viability studies

CIEDEC Inland Export Council


•Counseling local businesses.
•Identifying export financing sources.
• Sponsoring programs to create greater export awareness in the local community
• Identifying issues that impact export trade.
• Supporting the programs and services of Inland Empire U.S. Export Assistance Centers (Ontario, Indio and San Bernardino)
• Encouraging international education and building local export assistance partnerships.

Composition of CIEDEC

CIEDEC is comprised of business professionals vetted and appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to serve as advisors from the Inland Empire region for a minimum of 4 years. Currently, the CIEDEC has a very diverse membership of 34 active business professionals representing the various sectors of business in the Inland Empire region. As in the past, this current CIEDEC team shall continue to work collaboratively in promoting and expanding international trade with emphasis on focused export education, heightened engagement of the local business community in the region, and highlighting resources available for export.